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      SER (Sip Express Router)  

        Introduction   SER vs Asterisk   Linux Installation   FreeBSD Installation   Installation + MySQL   Errors + Solutions    

    SER (Sip Express Router) Introduction

    SER is the acronym of SIP express Router. It can act as SIP registrar, proxy or redirect server. The official website with information and sources for download is http://www.iptel.org/

    It has high-performance, and can be configured and modified because is open source. SER features an application-server interface, presence support, SMS gateway, SIMPLE2Jabber gateway, RADIUS/syslog accounting and authorization, server status monitoring. And can be configured by web using databases.

    Its performance let it deal with operational burdens, such as broken network components, attacks, power-up reboots and rapidly growing user population.

    It can work simultaneously with IPv4 e IPv6 in a transparent way given connectivity for both protocols. Its functionality and management is easier using MySQL modules.

    SER's configuration ability meets needs of a whole range of scenarios including small-office use, enterprise PBX replacements and carrier services.

    SER (SIP express router) can be a perfect complement for Asterisk due to it gives Asterisk new functionalities. More info in SER vs Asterisk Comparative


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