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      SER (Sip Express Router)  

        Introduction   SER vs Asterisk   Linux Installation   FreeBSD Installation   Installation + MySQL   Errors + Solutions    

    SER (Sip Express Router) basic installation

    Now we are going to install SER (SIP express Router) under linux Operating system. This is the basic installation. In the following chapters there are more complex installations with databases like MySQL and different configurations. If an error appears you can visit the last chapter about errors and solutions and maybe you can solve it.


    1 ) Download and extract the package

    It can be downloaded at http://ftp.iptel.org/pub/ser/

    My advice is download the last version of the /src/ folder. In our example is "ser-0.9.7_src.tar.gz" and save it to our computer for example at /usr/src/

    * Binary versions can be downloaded of the /bin folder of the FTP or specific versions for a distribution, for example for Debian at /packages folder but I prefer the source packages (besides I use SuSE linux).

    # cd /usr/src/
    # tar -zxvf ser-0.9.7_src.tar.gz
    # rm -f ser-0.9.7_src.tar.gz
    # cd ser-0.9.7_src

    2) Make and install

    Make the program and the modules and then we install the program in the folder we want, for example /usr/local. (from this point we suppose that the program is installed in /usr/local folder)

    # make && make modules
    # make prefix=/usr/local install

    3) Asign a domain to the machine

    # export SIP_DOMAIN = "localhost"

    This must be done every time the machine starts (a new line in the log script of the shell can be added in order to do it automatically when the machine starts)

    We have chosen localhost because our machine is in the local area network and does not have a specific domain name. If the machine has a domain name we can write something like "myserver.domain.com"

    4) Start and stop the server

    The server start with the following command

    # /usr/local/sbin/serctl start

    When the server has started it can be monitored with

    # /usr/local/sbin/serctl moni

    And to stop the server

    # /usr/local/sbin/serctl stop

    5) Configure a softphone to verify

    You can configure a softphone to verify the sip server (for example sjphone configuration):

    Proxy Domain: localhost or the IP of your server
    Puerto: 5060 (default port)
    User Domain: localhost or the IP of your server

    Any user and password is possible at this step.

    * The SER (SIP Express Router) is installed and working. It is an easy installation. You can read also the install file that comes with the package you have downloaded. If you can problems you can read SER errors + solutions. Now we are going to configure SER (SIP express router) with MySQL support.


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