Voip Think- Voice over IP - Asterisk and SER - SIP IAX and H323

3CX VoIP Phone System, IP PBX for Windows
3CX PBX and Phone System for Windows
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  • VoIP Protocols

  • Telephones

  • QoS (Quality of Service)

  • Codecs

  • Asterisk

  • 3CX PBX

  • SER (Sip Express Router)

  • More information



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    SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)
    rotocol for initiating an interactive user session that involves multimedia elements such as video, voice, chat, gaming, and virtual reality. SIP works in the Application layer of the OSI communications model. [+info]

    Softphone (Software Telephone)
    A PC or PC-type device that emulates the telephone with prompts and commands appearing on the PC's screen instead of the phone [+info]

    STUN (Simple Traversal of UDP through NATs)
    a network protocol which helps many types of software and hardware receive UDP data properly through home broadband routers that use network address translation (NAT).


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