Voip Think- Voice over IP - Asterisk and SER - SIP IAX and H323

3CX VoIP Phone System, IP PBX for Windows
3CX PBX and Phone System for Windows
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  • VoIP Protocols

  • Telephones

  • QoS (Quality of Service)

  • Codecs

  • Asterisk

  • 3CX PBX

  • SER (Sip Express Router)

  • More information



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    ACD (Average Call Duration)
    Means the average duration of the calls routed bya a VoIP provider. It is a quality parameter given by the VoIP providers..
    ASR (Answer-Seizure Ratio)
    The ratio of successfully connected calls to attempted calls (also called 'Call Completion Rate'). ASRs vary by routes. A typical ASR to Pakistan is lower than that of France. Reasons for this include the quality of the network and the fact that it's less likely that a call to Pakistan will encounter a device such as an answering machine.


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