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      Asterisk PBX  

        Introduction   linux installation   windows installation   first steps   sip.conf   extensions.conf   voicemail.conf    

    First steps with Asterisk

    Now Asterisk is installed and running so we are going to learn with an example the first things we can do. In this example we are going to create two new users with their extensions and their voicemails.

    1. Create 2 new SIP users.

    For example users "20000" and "20100" with passwords "a20000b" and "b20100a"

    So we go to sip.conf file and we add the following lines at the end of the file












    For further information about sip.conf file go to sip.conf configuration .

    2. Create the extensions for the 2 users

    To create the extensions for the users we need to modify the file extensions.conf. Iif we dial the number 20100 we should contact the 20000 user and if we dial the number 20100 we should contact the user 20100. We also create a special extension "30000" to access to the voicemail main menu.

    So we add the following lines at the end of the extensions.conf file

    exten => 20000,1,Dial(SIP/20000,30,Ttm)
    exten => 20000,2,Hangup
    exten => 20000,102,Voicemail(20000)
    exten => 20000,103,Hangup

    exten => 20100,1,Dial(SIP/20100,30,Ttm)
    exten => 20100,2,Hangup
    exten => 20100,102,Voicemail(20100)
    exten => 20100,103,Hangup

    exten => 30000,1,VoicemailMain

    For further information about extensions.conf file goto extensions.conf configuration.

    3. Create the voicemail fot the users

    Now we create the voicemail for both users and give them a password in the voicemail.conf file. We give 1234 password to the 20000 mail and 4321 to the 20100 mail

    20000 => 1234,Peter,peter@midomain.com
    20100 => 4321,John,john@midomain.com

    For further information about voicemail.conf file go to voicemail.conf configuration .

    4. Restart Asterisk server

    5. Configure a softphone

    Now we configure one or two softphones and test to call each other or to give messages at the voicemail when they are not available. We also should call to 30000 number to hear our messages. For further information about how to configure a softphone (for example, sjphone) go to SJPHONE configuration


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