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    Tricks or SJphone audio advanced configuration

    There are some interesting tricks or configurations that we can select in SJPHONE and that can be very useful in certain cases.

    The advanced mode must be active---- >Click "Menu" ---- > To advanced mode

    -Codec selection

    SJphone can use the following codec : G.711 u-law or a-law, ILBC with 20 ms or 30 ms of frame size and GSM codec.

    To choose the order in which we preferred to use them or if we want to disable one of them we must go to a screen that is a little hidden.

    Click "Options" button and then Audio section

    Then click in "Compression Settings" in the botton.

    And the codec screen appeared:

    In this screen we can:
    - UP - up a codec in order to have more priority
    - DOWN - down a codec in order to have less priority
    - USE DEFAULT - Use the default order like the one of the image
    - PROPERTIES - With this button you can enable or disable a codec

    “Lost dates recovery” can be also useful. If we activated it sjphone makes an estimation of the voice fragments that have been lost based on the previous ones. This can improve the quality in some cases but it consumes more resources of the computer.

    - Do not send silence

    SJphone is able to detect when there is no audio in a conversation and therefore it does not send RTP packets reducing the bandwidth. This can help in connections that have capacity or speed problems.

    In Audio section we selected “Advanced Settings”

    and the following screen appears

    The first values do not to touch if you do not know what you are doing.

    The section “Do not send silence” is the one that we must click to do not send packages at silence moments.


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