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    Sjphone Softphone Configuration

    You can download it at

    Before downloading you have to do the following steps:

    1. Click Menu button (button at the downside of the phone) in the sjphone

    2. A new menu appears. Click profile in the upper part and then the New button at the bottom.

    3. A new menu appears. Click Create New Profile and fill the gaps:

    a. Profile Name----> what you want
    b. File Name -----> it fills itself when you write the profile name
    c. Profile Type ---->Calls through SIP proxy

    and then click OK

    Another new menu appears

    4.1 General ----> Do not touch
    4.2 Initialization ---> Do not touch
    4.3 SIP Proxy
    Domain/Realm: Fill with the proxy name or the IP address given by your provider .
    Use Outbound Proxy: check this is reccomended
    Proxy/URI: Fill with the proxy name or the IP address given by your provider .
    Proxy usage mode: Strict Outband Proxy

    The others buttons do not check.

    5. Last screen: service
    It ask you about:
    a. Account: Your personal account
    b. Password: Your password

    click OK

    6. then OK again and the configuration is completed.

    7 Advanced ----> Optional but can be interesting You can configure the "Voice mail number or address". This is usually given by the sip provider and is the number we call to hear our voicemail.


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