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3CX VoIP Phone System, IP PBX for Windows
3CX PBX and Phone System for Windows
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    3CXPhone Softphone Configuration

    You can download it at http://www.3cx.com/downloads/3CXPhoneforWindows12.msi

    Before downloading you have to do the following steps:

    The first time you use the softphone you will see left screen. You have to click "..." and you will see new buttons (right screen). You must click Setting button


    2. You need to fill the appropiate gaps:

    You must click Accounts tab and then you will see the right screen


    Account name -----> Everything you want
    b. Caller ID: The ID of your user
    c. Extension----> your number extension
    c. ID -----> identification user or number given by your voip provider (ussually it is the same as your extension)
    e. Password ----> Password given by your voip provider
    f . When you see "My Location" you need to write the IP or doamin of your voip provider. I prefer to check "I am out of the office" because I use a laptop everywhere.

    Anything else it is not neccesary. Just if our provider gives us special instruccions.

    . Click "OK" and we have just finished.

    4. (Optional)

    You could see a button called "Advanced Settings". You can click on it to configure advanced options.

    For example you can configure:

    PBX Voicemail: You can configure here the voicemail that your voip provider may has given to you.
    Codecs: You can choose the codec you want to use in first place.


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