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      H.323 Protocol  

        Objective   Components   Protocol stack   Signalling   Example  

    H.323 Objetive

    H.323 was designed with a primary target: To provide teleconference with voice, video and data capacities on packet switching networks.

    The continuous researchs and developments of H.323 follow the same purpose. In addition, H.323 and the convergence of voice, video and data allow the services suppliers to provide new facilities for the users and improve the performance for the user reducing costs.

    The standard was designed specifically with the following objectives:

    · To be based on the existing standards, including H.320, RTP and Q.931
    · To add some of the advantages that packet switching networks offer to transport real time data
    · To solve the problems of real time data on packet switching networks

    The designers of H.323 know that the requirements of the communication differ from one place to another, between users and between companies and obviously the requirements of future applications also change. So, the designers of H.323 defined it in such a way that the companies that manufacture the equipment can add their own specifications to the protocol and can define other structures and standards that let the devicesacquire new features or capacities.


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